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Cannabis Drug Test

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Cannabis Drug Test

Highly Accurate Drug Tests

Cannabis/Marijuana/Weed (THC)

From £1.50 each

General Drug Test InformationGeneral Drug Test Information



Cocaine Drug Test

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Cocaine Drug Test

Highly Accurate Drugs Tests

for Cocaine/Coke


£1.50 each

Cannabis Drug TestsCannabis Drug Tests



Multi Panel Drug Test

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Multi Panel Drugs Test

Multi Panel Drug Tests

Tests for all major drugs of abuse in one go !

From £6.50

Highly Accurate

Cocaine  Drug TestsCocaine  Drug Tests



Methadone Drug Tests

Methadone Drugs Test

Individual Drug Tests for Methadone (MET)

£1.50 each

Ecstasy Drug TestsEcstasy Drug Tests



Heroin Drug Tests

Heroin Drug Test

Individual Test Cassettes for Heroin (OPI)

£1.50 each

Heroin  Drug Tests Heroin  Drug Tests



Amphetamines Drug Tests

Amphetamine  Drug Test

Individual Test Cassettes for Amphetamine (AMP)

£1.50 each

Amphetamines  Drug Tests Amphetamines  Drug Tests



Multi Panel Drug Tests

Highly Accurate Multi Panel Drug Tests

Multi Panel Drug Screening Cassettes for all major drugs of abuse

From £6.50

Multi Panel Drug Tests Multi Panel Drug Tests



Drug Test, Drugs Test, Drug Testing,

Hair Drug Tests

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NHS Drug Test Suppliers. All Drug Tests Despatched in Plain, Discreet Packaging

Highly accurate drugs tests Free Delivery on ALL Drugs Tests

Drug Test, Drugs Test, Drug Testing

Cannabis Drugs Test, Marijuana Drugs Test,

Cocaine Drugs Test,

Amphetamine Drugs Test,

Methadone Drugs Tests

Heroin Drugs Test,

Multi Panel Drugs Tests,

Hair Drug Testing

We are a major supplier of professional drug test equipment to the UK and sell only a pro quality, accurate range of of drugs tests for use by professionals and individuals. We can also provide highly specialized hair drug test analysis with a full legally admissible laboratory report from our forensic scientists - Please click here for hair drug testing enquiries.

We have recently been chosen to supply Amazon UK with a range of quality, professional drug tests. Buy with confidence !

We supply drugs tests for:

Cannabis & Marijuana Drugs Test (THC) , Cocaine Drugs Test (COC) , Opiates Drugs Test (Heroin & Morphine), Methadone Drugs Test (MET), Amphetamines (Speed) Drugs Test (AMP) and Benzodiazepine Tests (Valium/Tranquilisers). These are currently available in single use, highly accurate drug test cassettes. We also supply hair drug testing kits. We send you the hair test and you return the sample to us for analysis in our laboratory. All results are completely confidential.

We sell very easy to use and convenient multi-test drugs testing cassette, enabling a wide range of drugs of abuse to be tested for including Cannabis (Marijuana) , Cocaine (Charlie, Coke ), Heroin, Amphetamine (Speed), Valium (Benzodiazepine)

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Multi Panel Drug Tests, testing for five of the most commonly abused drugs in one shot (cannabis, cocaine, opiates (heroin etc), benzodiazepine, valium and amphetamines) - in one go !

Highly Accurate Drug Tests

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All drug tests are dispatched in plain, unmarked, discrete packaging to an address of your choice and offer highly accurate and very reliable results.

Hair Drugs Testing

Hair Drugs Test - Click Here

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All of our drug testing products carry CE and Food & Drug Administration Approvals (FDA)

FDA & CE Approved Drug Tests

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Drugs Testing at Home ?

More and more people are becoming aware of the advantages of drug screening at home or in the workplace. We can help you with this and offer advice on buying the correct drug test to meet your needs.


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Drug Tests Direct supply drugs testing kits for Cannabis Drugs Test, Cocaine Drugs Test, Marijuana Drugs Test , Ecstasy Drugs Test

Heroin Drugs Test, Methadone Drugs Test, Hair Drugs Test, Hair Drug Testing

Buy Accurate Drugs Tests and Drug Testing Kit with confidence.

Cannabis, Cocaine, Heroin, Opiates, Amphetamine, Methadone, Marijuana, Speed Drug Testing, Valium Drugs Test

Hair DrugTest, Testing Hair for Drugs, Hair Drugs Tests

Drug Test, Drug Testing

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