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Cannabis Drugs Test

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Cannabis Drug Test

Highly Accurate Single Tests

Cannabis/Marijuana/Weed (THC)

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Cocaine Drugs Test

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Cocaine Drug Test

Highly Accurate Single Tests

for Cocaine/Coke


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Cannabis Drug TestsCannabis Drug Tests



Multi Panel Drugs Test

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Multi Panel Drugs Test

Multi Panel Drug Screening Cassettes

Tests for all major drugs of abuse in one go !

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Methadone Drugs Tests

Methadone Drugs Test

Individual Test Cassettes for Methadone (MET)

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Heroin Drug Tests

Heroin Drug Test

Individual Test Cassettes for Heroin (OPI)

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Amphetamines Drug Tests

Amphetamine  Drug Test

Individual Test Cassettes for Amphetamine (AMP)

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Multi Panel Drug Tests

Highly Accurate Multi Panel Drug Tests

Multi Panel Drug Screening Cassettes for all major drugs of abuse

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Multi Panel Drug Tests Multi Panel Drug Tests




Methadone Drug Tests

Methadone Drugs Test

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Cannabis THC Drug Test Cassette

Nova Test Drug Tests - Highly Accurate Drugs Tests

FDA & CE Approved Drug Tets

This is a single drug test cassette sold in multiples of 5 and tests specifically for Methadone within a urine sample. Methadone is a Class A drug commonly swallowed but sometimes injected.

This test is specific to Methadone and WILL NOT show positive for Opiates ie Heroin which is a different drug group.

All Drug Tests are dispatched in plain, unmarked, discrete packaging to an address of your choice.

Methadone is a scientific opiate that is manufactured for medical use and has similar effects to Heroin.

It is usually supplied in a liquid syrup form and is normally swallowed but can also be injected. Methadone has a very similar effect to opiate drugs and gives a mild sense of well-being, relaxation and detachment. Methadone also stops physical and psychological pain. The effects last longer than heroin and the sense of well-being can last for up to 24 hours. It is commonly prescribed for recovering heroin addicts.

Methadone is not as strong as heroin but it is addictive and so when coming off the drug the dose will need to be slowly reduced. There can be some withdrawal symptoms but they are usually less severe than heroin withdrawal.

Methadone is a class A drug. As such it can only legally be in the possession of a person who has been prescribed by a Doctor.

Overdoses of Methadone can cause fatal respiratory depression leading to death.

How Do I use The Test ? - Easy !

Open the sealed test cassette and allow to come to room temperature prior to testing. Remove the test cassette or strip from the sealed pouch and place on a clean level, dry surface. Transfer 3 full drops of urine to the specimen well of the test cassette. Avoid trapping air bubbles in the specimen well . Refer to the Illustration below.

Wait for the red line(s) to appear.


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